Gelato and Sorbet

True frozen works of art, sorbet and gelato have invaded the artisanal ice cream market. Their low fat content and the authenticity of their ingredients are certainly the source of this growing popularity!

Rapido Équipement has all the tools necessary for the making of refined gelato and sorbets, carefully respecting the artisanal production method. Turbines, ice cream makers, traditional and gelato combined machines… we have all the essential equipment for the manufacture and sale of gelato, sorbet, homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen tofu. Our equipment is suitable for pastry chefs, chocolate makers and restaurant owners who wish to integrate this high-quality product into their menu as well as for already-established gelato shops.

Rapido Équipement supports you throughout your project. We provide training for you and your team to use the machines as efficiently as possible. We also support you in the development of personalized recipes and calibrate the right dosage of ingredients to help you make your gelatos and sorbets exclusive and delicious products.

Bravo Gelato and Sorbet Machines

The Italian company Bravo SPA, recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of gelato machines, offers a range of three types of machines for making artisanal gelato and sorbet: Trittico Executive, Mechanic and Gelmatic. The executive and mechanic ranges have an integrated pasteurizer which makes them simple and easy to use and clean. The machine has two separate tanks; one for pasteurization and the other for freezing, which work simultaneously. The internal conduit between the tanks allows a contactless transfer of the product for perfect hygiene. The Trittico Executive range allows the production of Italian ice cream, but also several types of pastries thanks to its 17 integrated programs. The Gelmatic range offers several sizes of batch freezers. In addition, their unique design allows easy filling and extraction of the gelato, depending on the desired texture.

Cattabriga Gelato and Sorbet Machines

Respecting the Italian tradition since 1927, Cattabriga’s traditional EFFE series equipment is incomparable on the market! These machines make handmade gelatos and sorbets with unparalleled texture. The well-kept secret of this century-old company lies in its “Stir & Stick” system specially designed to make production simpler and to give the gelato or artisanal ice cream an even creamier texture.

Elmeco Sorbet and Granita machines

Musso Gelato and Sorbet Machines

If you’re looking to complement your product offering within your business (pastry shops, cafes, restaurants, or residences), look no further than the Musso ice cream maker-made entirely in Italy-to meet your needs. The exterior is made of stainless steel for the easy cleaning and durability of your machine. Each of the mechanical parts is of the best quality in order to guarantee the highest performance and durability possible. The technology and materials used by Musso S.R.L for its ice cream makers prevent the formation of small ice cubes. The scraper speed (> 76 rpm) is perfectly calculated to incorporate the right amount of air into the mixture of gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and frozen tofu to create a unique texture. The Musso ice cream maker will help you become a true artisan in Italian ice cream making.

Pacojet Gelato and Sorbet Machines