Sale and rental

A major retailer of items for ice cream parlours, gelato shops, as well as chocolate and pastry shops, Rapido Équipement has all of the most sophisticated machines for making high-quality frozen products.

Sale of New Equipment

We have an impressive variety of soft ice cream machines among the most prestigious brands like Coldelite, Carpigiani, Electrofreeze and Taylor. Rapido Équipement also offers all the machines necessary for the making of gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and frozen tofu such as gelato turbines, ice cream makers, combined gelato machines, freezers, and glass display units. Always looking to meet the wants and needs of our customers, we also hold a wide range of products for chocolate and pastry making. Chocolate dippers, chocolate fountains, automatic chocolate tempering machines, pastry depositors, chocolate melters… the possibilities are endless.


Used and Refurbished Equipment

In addition to offering a full range of new machines, Rapido Équipment is also the perfect place to find used or refurbished equipment that is in perfect condition and guaranteed. You can buy a soft ice cream machine, ice cream maker, gelato machine or slush machine that is second-hand but in superb condition. What’s more, all our refurbished equipment is fully guaranteed.

Equipment Rental

Are looking for a soft ice cream machine for next season, but you aren’t ready to commit to buying your own machine just yet? No problem! We also offer a short-term rental service and a credit lease hire-purchase service. So you can rent a soft ice cream machine, slush machine, frozen yogurt machine or even a gelato display freezer… and you’ll have the chance to acquire it later!