Gelato and Sorbet Machines
Bravo Trittico Executive
183, 305, 457, 610, 1020

The Bravo SPA Trittico Executive range allows the production of Italian ice cream, but also several types of pastries thanks to its 17 integrated programs. It is one of the most autonomous pieces of equipment that offers incredible flexibility and control at the same time. The upper part, where the ingredients are heated and cooked, is vertical and has a transparent upper cover, to allow artisans complete supervision of its 17 production processes, and allowing them to add ingredients at their chosen time. The patented heating system is made of very fine electrical resistances which prevent thermal inertia (inevitable in water bath systems) and guarantee high precision for temperatures. The lower cylinder, where the product is cooled and where the production cycle ends, is equipped with a patented cooling system, with direct expansion and multiple injection of the refrigerant gas to manage the cold optimally across the length of the walls. For each program, a recipe is already programmed for you and the possibility of adding more according to your creations is endless! Make gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, ice cream, frozen tofu, pastry cream, Bavarian cream, ganache, chocolate, sweets, and more. All you have to do is add the ingredients and let the magic happen. For all this to work, the Trittico Executive machine is equipped with three different instruments, which the programs use as if they were the arms of the artisan. The agitator of the upper tank has a patented shape which adheres perfectly to the curved walls preventing any product from sticking there and preventing absolute homogeneity. The whisk, with interchangeable and self-adjusting scrapers is made entirely of steel. The special patented mixer was built to create certain creams and mousses according to the rules of the trade: the thickness, the shape and the arrangement of the elements have been carefully studied to allow the product to incorporate air optimally, thus providing the careful management that the program is designed for. In addition, this energy-efficient machine allows you to save a great deal of time during the production of your frozen products (gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, ice cream and frozen tofu), but also during product extraction and cleaning of the machine.

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