The dialog system for Coldelite BIB

Being an entrepreneur means putting all our energy and passion towards the same goal: success.

Even when it reaches the heights we hoped for, we never really stray too far from our business.

In the beginning, we are generally involved in all the stages of production, until we gradually learn to trust and delegate certain tasks. However, we always want to keep an eye on our business. With our Dialog tool, it’s easy to stay constantly connected to what’s going on in your business.

This way, even if you’re not on site, you can validate, for example, the number of times your soft ice cream machine is used by your employees or even keep an eye on your sales by obtaining the exact number of ice cream cones sold.

Dialog greatly facilitates technical support since our technicians can access your machine remotely and give employees the information they need without delay. Our experts will be able to make the diagnosis and the adjustments remotely, thus ensuring a remarkable speed of service without having to be there physically.