Pastries and Chocolate

Your job is to provide a dose of comfort to your customers through your offer of premium chocolates, pastries, and frozen treats.

Ours is to help you do so by providing the best and most recent technology for the job.

Since we have the most sophisticated machines for chocolate and pastries, it is no surprise that Rapido Équipement has been the favourite place for chocolate makers, pastry chefs, ice cream makers and restaurant owners for over 30 years. Chocolate dippers, chocolate fountains, automatic chocolate tempering machines, pastry depositors, whipped cream machine… we have an incredible variety of equipment that can significantly improve your productivity.

Do you operate an ice cream parlour, gelato shop or chocolate shop and want to offer high-end chocolate dipping? Our chocolate melters for dipping will bring your project to life. Looking for recipes?

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Chocolate Tempering and Dipping Machine

It is with the collaboration of master chocolate makers and pastry chefs that Pomati succeeded in designing automatic chocolate tempering machines that provide a perfect union of the crystals and an exceptional final product. Combining tradition, quality and technological progress, the Pomati tempering machines are designed to be perfectly integrated into the equipment of chocolate factories, pastries, gelato shops, ice cream parlours and any establishment wishing to serve the best chocolate possible. Whether you want to make homemade chocolates, dipping chocolate for your soft ice creams or any other quality chocolate delicacies, the Pomati line is for you. Take a look at our different models to choose the one that will best meet your specific needs.

Chocolate Warmers

MultiDip chocolate warmers are available in different formats to suit your needs. We know that dipping cones into chocolate is all the rage in Quebec! Bio-Gourt International has developed four series of warmers with a variable number of chocolate pans. A total of 12 combinations of chocolate pans is available. Designed and assembled in Quebec, the 12 chocolate warmer combinations make it easy for you to choose your best option.. Made of stainless steel, the MultiDip warmers are resistant, easy to maintain and energy efficient.