Frozen Yogurt

Specially developed, designed and assembled in Quebec for the current market, the MULTI-MIX from Bio-Gourt International Inc. is the ideal appliance for mixing frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, sorbet and iced tofu with an infinite number of ingredients. Frozen fruit, cookies, chocolates, cereals, nuts or candy; the frozen treats you create can be just as healthy as they are decadent! The 4-in-1 multi-function version will allow you to add different products to your menu such as milkshakes, blizzards, smoothies and iced cappuccinos. Working with portions of ice cream, the Multi-Mix will allow you to adjust to fluctuating demand depending on the season, without causing losses!

With the Multi-Mix, you can make individual portions of ice cream when cleaning your soft ice cream machine, thus avoiding having to throw away the reusable cream. Then, you can reuse these portions to create customized frozen products for your customers. You can also purchase individual servings of ice cream, frozen yogurt or frozen tofu.

The Multi-Mix is ​​a multifunctional piece of equipment that will allow you to make your space functional, thus reducing food purchasing and equipment costs.
Indeed, the possibilities are endless with the different features of the Multi-Mix.

For more details on this product and to see how it works, visit our Youtube channel to view our videos.

Frozen Yogurt Machines