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The concept

The production formula of the concept Flavors and Delights and its marketing are the most accessible and economical ones for the future.

Is it for you ?

The concept Flavors and Delights is made for owners of snack-bars, convenient stores,grocery stores and gift shops who would like a supplementary benefit in their business without stopping the normal operations.

The product

The portion making formula insures an always better quality product. Our special pump machine allows you to offer a smooth, delicious product.

The bagging concept increases the efficiency

It's well known, the more efficient your service is, the more profitable is your business.Bagging your ice cream portions in advance greatly speeds up the service, as well as your profits. In fact, this procedure allows you to free the machine, giving you the possibility to serve two ice cream cones at a time during very busy hours.

Facing the competition

The concept Flavors and Delights offers you everything to beat the competition of all the other ice cream dealers in your neighborhood. As a matter of fact, with the help of your new concept Flavors and Delights, taking up only nine square feet of your space, you will be able to offer to your customers a whole variety of choices such as:

- Soft vanilla ice cream
- Soft chocolate ice cream
- Soft fruit flavored ice cream
- 30 different artificial flavors of soft ice cream
- Frozen tofu with fruits
- 30 different flavors of frozen tofu
- Endless combination of sundaes and more!

The equipment

Flavors and Delights offers you all the necessary equipment to prepare, mix and serve delicious products. You can count on the reliability of the concept backed-up by years of experience with equipment known in the commercial field.

The soft ice cream machine with pumps will produce a lighter cream with fewer products, therefore a better profit ratio for you.

The sign

The Flavor and Delight sign and the menus are available for you to help promote the products efficiently.

Exclusive territory

A two year written commitment grants the owner of the Flavor and Delights concept the exclusivity of his territory.

The training

Flavors and Delights includes a complete course on how to operate the ice cream shop using the techniques and the procedures recommended by the company.